In my opinion, your underwear is as important as your outerwear.

Now, there are all sorts of features about this most personal matter – for example COMFORT never mind COLOUR and STYLE, and whether you like it all to MATCH or not.  But, if you wear underwear there are some other considerations:

1.  Does it show?

We know the current trend for jeans or casual trousers to hang lower than the waist, which often reveals undergarments, and some ladies like wearing a dark bra under a light coloured/see-through top, but you may be exposing your underwear elsewhere and unintentionally (do you remember the expression “Charlie’s dead” to secretly let you know your petticoat is showing?)  Whether this point is something you need to consider is dependent on your intention and circumstance.

2.  Is it too tight?

Is it riding up or causing wrinkles in the outerwear because it is badly fitting?  Do you want to wear tighter underwear intentionally (to hold something in)?  If you do, is it all held in?

3.  Is it too loose?

Are your bra straps falling off your shoulder?  Or do you have “Nora Batty” hosiery?

4.  Is your bra holding your assets where they should be?

Having a well-fitting bra, which attends to your BUST SHAPE as well as CUP and BACK size is important.  When your chest is held where it should be your clothes sit so much better too.  I hold regular bra fitting sessions with an amazing bra fitter in the privacy of my studio in SO51, which my clients find helpful.  It is nice to be with an expert in the relative comfort of a home than a busy store, where your time slot is not rushed, and you can meet with her at your convenience (during the day, evening or weekend).  If you have not met Sara of BraSense Ltd, and would like to, please contact me.  My clients are amazed at the results achieved, and Sara took two inches off my waist with a bra, so I’m obviously a convert to her from others!

My next sessions are Sunday 27th September: afternoon (my studio) and Monday 28th September (Ryde, Isle of Wight – also raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support).  If you are interested in meeting Sara please contact me soonest on 07469 246722.

5.  Hosiery

For business I advocate wearing hosiery at all times, as it gives a polished look, but it is no good if your hosiery has a snag or hole in it!  Therefore, a spare pair is advised, and doesn’t take up much space in a handbag or case.

It does appear that colour is much more acceptable in the workplace, but it does depend on the workplace.  In the winter this can be helpful – to wear a thicker denier that is warmer, and colour may complement your outfit and not look out of place.  If you cannot get a thicker denier in a colour you like, you may try wearing two pairs at once for warmth.


Although I do not often get asked about underwear, I can assist, and I am not too bashful to discuss this with my clients if you would like to ask – it’s all part of the service.  You may have noticed that this blog is directed at femalesCan’t say I’m an expert in men’s underwear!!