Quite a lot actually – if you want to make your wardrobe work hardest.  Is wearing something once going to be as good value as wearing something more than once?  The more times you can wear an item the more value you get from it, therefore the more you can spend on it and still get the value.  The trick, however, is to put the item with different items so that your outfit still looks new.

So, you need to decide how fashionable this item is.  Will it be “here today and gone tomorrow”?  If not, then you can spend a bit more money on it and it will last longer in your wardrobe.

That is, if everything you buy will be able to go with everything else in the wardrobe.  Can you honestly say that your clothes currently do that?

I used to buy items to go together – a pink skirt and top, a green skirt and top, a blue skirt and top and so on.  Now, all the shades of pink, green and blue will GO TOGETHER, so I do not need to worry about matching exactly.  Phew – that means I need less shoes and bags too.

So, am I saving time and money by having fewer clothes, but having more things I can wear together.  You bet!

Do people remark “I’ve seen that before” or “haven’t you worn that before”?  No, they only give me compliments, saying “you look nice today”.  I smile because I know how many times I have worn certain pieces, and therefore how much value I have had from each piece.

If you want to know how to make your wardrobe work harder for you, contact me today.  That’s my speciality, and why I include looking at your current clothes when I consult on colour and style analysis.  We put the information into use straight away for immediate results, and decide how best to spend your hard-earned money on the next purchase, to make that work better for you.