For small businesses, and entrepreneurs who might be venturing out with their new business idea, we’re told to create a brand. When you’re new to self-employment, you have a lot to learn.

I created my brand, Your Colour & Style, six years ago, and deliberated for ages about the logo, colours and fonts – with the help of a marketeer. Obviously, visuals are important in my line of work, so this was a big thing to get right. At that time I hadn’t realised that a brand is so much more than the logo! In my case, the brand is ME! How I come across when you meet me – my tone of voice, the words I use, as well of course as my appearance. If I’m trying to help others look their best, people are looking at me as an example.

As I haven’t got staff, I am the brand, and I don’t need to communicate to staff or train them in what I want my brand to represent, but I do need to communicate this to anyone who doesn’t know me.

So, what do my clients say about me or “Your Colour & Style”? Some have told me that I care, make our encounters fun, and I’m friendly. I’d like to think that my loyal clients believe in my genuine desire to help them, rather than a desire to make money out of them, and that they like my (hopefully tactful) honesty, which they’re paying for.

Recently I learned that my brand should be aligned with my vision, proposition, delivery promise, values and reasons clients believe in me. That’s a whole lot more than I ever realised when I began Your Colour & Style!

As my business is just me, I thought I should communicate my thoughts on those aspects, and invite clients or others who know me to confirm or challenge my perception – because it’s not my perception that matters – it’s the perception of others that is important.


My vision is that my clients reach what I call “wardrobe utopia”. In other words, everything in their closet is not only suitable in terms of colour and style, but works for their lifestyle and they have sufficient but not excessive (unless that is what they want) clothes and accessories for their needs. Separates work well together, maximising the “mix and match” “capsule wardrobe” philosophy. And, they feel comfortable in whatever they wear, that it is appropriate for them and their situation, and they will most often receive compliments or favourable looks. It gives me joy knowing I’ve helped them put together a wardrobe of items that makes dressing easy and fun, and they love everything they own and are more discerning about what they now buy (what I call being a “savvy shopper”!)


I help people achieve wardrobe utopia by achieving their goals and listening to what they want, and delivering what is agreed. If they want pure colour and / or style analysis to understand what suits them, we can focus on that. I prefer to consult one-to-one and where the wardrobe is, to start making the knowledge work immediately. Theory’s all well and good, but I believe application is the key! I have a range of options to suit, which is why I prefer to have a no-obligation chat to determine the best (and most cost-effective) way to achieve the client’s goal. Equally, I can and often do, just focus on wardrobe reviews and shopping. I use my knowledge and expertise to assess the client’s needs, lifestyle, colour and style requirements and get down to business straight away if that’s what they want (whether they’ve had colour and/or style input before or not).


When we have agreed what is going to happen, when and for what price, and it is confirmed in writing – that is what happens. I usually try to over-deliver and surpass expectations if I can, but you’ll have to be a client to know this!


I believe in

  • confidentiality (if that’s what the client wants),
  • honesty,
  • fairness,
  • positivity,
  • doing what I say I’m going to do, and
  • challenging the status quo.

I love thinking outside the box to suggest solutions for my clients that they would never have thought of. I believe in listening to my client and helping them get to their destination, and doing it at their pace.


As an experienced personal stylist of many years, I have worked with hundreds of people – not celebrities – who just want to make improvements in their appearance.

I have lots of loyal, happy clients and some who have achieved “wardrobe utopia”.

I have offered a money-back-guarantee for six years, and no-one has asked for a discussion about that … yet!

In January this year I joined my professional institute: The Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI) to continue my self-development and show commitment to being a professional in this field.

In September 2019 I became a proud finalist of the “Excellence in Customer Service” All Star Marketing awards, which means that I was one of five shortlisted in that category.  Unfortunately I didn’t win this time, but just getting on the shortlist was great recognition of my efforts for my clients.


If you like the sound of me and my approach, I’d love to have a no-obligation cuppa with you to find out your needs, and how I can get you there. Please call 07469 246722 and see what your dressing future is.

Fiona x
Your Colour & Style Consultant