I’ve had a lovely week, and there are successes within successes.

To explain, several years ago I spoke to a colleague who was self-employed and she said “I’ve worked this morning and now I’m spending time in the sunshine in my garden”.  I was employed at the time (averaging 50 hours employment plus 10 hours self-employment), whilst trying to get my business off the ground.  This idea really appealed to me and I thought: I’d like to do that – be able to work when I chose, and enjoy the sunshine when it was out!

Here I am, eight years or so on from that conversation, and this is what happened to me this week….

Success #1

I am solely self-employed, now working when I want, how I want, where I want and with whom I want.

I have “worked” approximately 60 hours this week, but it hasn’t felt like work, because it has been SO enjoyable, and I’m even more energised as the week has progressed because of the feedback and successes I’ve had.

My work this week has involved

  • a shopping trip with a new client (who said at least two of my favourite things: “this is the first time I have ever enjoyed shopping” and “you have so ‘got me’ ”). There was fun for me in the preparation for the shopping trip, as well as the client time itself. I have got the most wonderful clients who I love spending time with, and they with me.


  • A wardrobe review with a new client, who had been colour-analysed several years ago but wasn’t making the best of that knowledge yet, and is now keen to get more into it. She wanted to understand what suited her style-wise.  By the end of the two hours she realised why she liked her summer clothes better than her winter ones (they were in her right colours), but she also now understands why she preferred certain clothes to others as we discussed style.  She had some scarf-tying tips thrown in and was amazed at what I suggested she could do with them. “I love scarves” she said, but she wasn’t storing them in the best way, so I gave her some tips on that too. We’re now planning a scarf-tying event so I can share this knowledge with more people, but personalise the information so that people learn the right way to use the right scarf for them (taking into account colour, style, pattern, material and volume). Please contact me if you know anyone who likes using scarves and would be interested in this two hour evening workshop.


  • Writing a bit of poetry – commissions and general stuff for upcoming “performances” (Andover Rocks and a WI scheduled-talk).


  • Several meetings involving entrepreneurial business owners (some “networking” and some one-to-ones), such inspiring and brave people, who were also complimentary about my offerings.


  • Pushing myself out of a comfort zone to set up some future activity that will benefit another business as well as myself. Watch this space …


  • Social media– seeing what other business owners are up to, congratulating them on successes etc, and putting a little bit of my hints etc out there.


  • Conversations and message/email exchanges with business acquaintances who are now – and maybe to become – also friends, involving two-way support and confidence-boosting, idea-generating and connection-forming for future business activities.


My social activity has involved

  • Meals out with a long-standing school-friend, and an ex-work colleague, and our partners, as we’re all friends now.

Success #2

  • Enjoying a day with my husband on the Isle of Wight, visiting Carisbrooke Castle (hence the donkey picture), whilst going to the Island for a business event in the evening.

Success #3

Last night I received some more feedback from a client that was a referral last September. This confirmed why I can’t stop – I know there are more people in Hampshire, or maybe further afield, that want MY help.

This client wanted to look great at her son’s wedding in a very hot climate.  She had previously used an in-store personal shopper, but had not had any colour analysis, and was about to do the same again until this connection recommended me. After a cuppa to discuss how I could help and at what price, we agreed the plan and shopping budget. With my experience I assessed what colours would be the most flattering for her, without going through the formal process, and after the cuppa I’d weighed up what style/s would suit her.  I ordered the choice of clothes and took them to her home to try on and discuss.  (I confirmed my analysis of the colour through the range of clothes offered, and we explored the best styles of clothes for that situation and her future use. The end result, apart from a happy client who looked fab – and her husband agreed – was being within budget – so a doubly-happy husband too. And, from that exercise she now knows her best colours and styles.)

This was the text I received last night:

“Hi Fiona – now back from the wedding and just wanted to thank you for finding the dress for me.  It was absolutely and utterly perfect and got loads of compliments.  The shoes were so comfortable even after 3 hours of dancing! I will be eternally grateful for your superb eye for style and colour.  Absolutely brilliant.  Thank you!!”

So, if you know anyone who would like a cuppa to discuss their needs, please put them in touch with me, as I could cope with more texts like that.

Fiona Mobbs

Your Colour & Style Consultant

07469 246722