“I first asked Fiona for help when I was invited to a VIP event back in May 2018. It was a particularly poignant time for me as my Mum was terminally ill, and she was very pleased to chat with me about this event well before it took place, as well as tell anyone who would listen about my very secret event!

So, imagine my despair when I looked in my wardrobe and found a navy and white dress which didn’t look great, and that was my best outfit! I had some other nice dresses but nothing that would stand out as amazing or special, so I sent Fiona a desperate email asking for her help.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much spare time, however I was able to get a half day holiday from work and so arranged to meet Fiona in Southampton at a department store. We only had one hour together and she whizzed around getting items that I would never normally have looked at!

Fiona had researched the internet of the store and so had prepped before that hour. She also sent me the list so I was aware of some of the outfits and ideas before we met up. Of course I’d looked online myself… but I’d not found much or the colours that Fiona had.

Many years ago I was advised of my colours, so I had this info to hand but over the years you forget about this, lose the confidence in what goes with what or what you can wear with what, and I needed reminding, desperately!

So, she gave to me loads to try on, and Fiona was looking, checking the styles – did they suit me and seeing what was my style, how it fitted, etc. Then she’d go back out and get something else – Fiona was amazing!

That day I didn’t get my dress, however I did purchase a pair of bright blue trousers (which have earned me loads of compliments since) and a few other clothes (which if I’m honest would never have done so without Fiona’s help or advice).

That day I gained lots of confidence to wear bright colours all together, and what you can put with something else or what I wouldn’t normally put with something but looks good with it. And yes over the months I’ve purchased better coloured items (not always the right things but mainly good colours).

After our trip, I purchased a dress online which Fiona recommended to me on her email research and I teamed it with a bright cardigan and bright coloured short rain coat & I felt amazing!

Feeling bright and confident I visited my Mum in the afternoon who also said I looked lovely, particularly that colour blue on me. And she was telling all where I’d been and who I’d seen – Princess Royal at a Lymington Sailability boat naming ceremony. Sadly, my Mum passed away a few days later (I’d like to think she held on for my event, and seeing me all confident and looking lovely).

Since then I have worn the dress and bright cardigan again and again, and have received some lovely compliments.

And because it doesn’t suit me (anymore) I’ve not worn a black cardigan or a black or dark top at all!! All have been brighter colours, which has given me confidence too!

And I have gone from a summer time ‘spring’ wardrobe to a winter time ‘spring’ one too as I was feeling stuck, so I asked Fiona for help again.

And once again Fiona has been able to deliver results and help with suggestions and inspiration. Then with a visit to a store where I’m now feeling inspired again.

I have decided to get my inspired kick of colour pairing every 6 months with Fiona which I now know will instil confidence in me as well as lots of lovely compliments!

So if you’re feeling stuck, not sure if the colour is too dark, etc do give Fiona a call. She is very versatile as to what your requirements are. And don’t feel afraid of change.

I am very grateful to Fiona who I can recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to feel good about themselves. Thank you Fiona.”

Here are the tops I’ve since donated to charity, and

My recent purchases!!!