If you haven’t got a business headshot to be proud of, and you want an enjoyable way of getting one, read on.

When you look at someone’s profile, what are your thoughts when there is no picture, or you know the picture is way out of date?  So, what are people thinking about you, if that’s your profile?

I’m working with a brilliant photographer in SOUTHAMPTON.  We will put you at ease and set you up with an appropriate business look – whether you are male or female.  And, the whole experience will leave you happy, including the price.  You won’t get a better deal in terms of value for money and result.  The deal for one person is £80 (including professional make-up makeover or advice on what to wear to maximise the image impact), or two people with adjoining appointments get the deal for £120.  You will have at least ten professional headshots each to use afterwards.

Surely it’s got to be better than a blank square that leaves people wondering what you look like, so they give someone else their business?

Ring 023 8000 1017 or 07469 246722 (Fiona) to ask when you can enjoy your “pampershoot” headshot and start seeing what business you’ve been missing out on.  Dates and times will be to suit busy professionals.