SUMMER or WINTER – the humble scarf is a woman’s best accessory.  Light-weight and small to pack on holiday – see below for some ideas on the versatility of this item.

WOMEN can use a scarf, pashmina or shawl in many ways:


– to keep the head warm, use as a cover for respect in some circumstances or places, or to cover thin hair or hair loss.  Using a scarf, shawl or pashmina like this adds interest and colour near the face.

– to tie up hair or add interest/uniqueness to a hairstyle.

– to curl hair (yes, hair can be twisted with a scarf when damp, and curls will appear when released.  This would be softer to sleep in than curlers!)

– to add interest or “pretty-up” a plain hat.


– to make into tops, skirts, modesty wraps (over swimwear for example) and you could probably construct a bra and briefs!


– to keep the neck warm.

– to cover a stain on a top or a dress, or to cover some detail that maybe not liked.

– to add softness, colour, pattern or texture to individualise or add interest to an outfit.


– as a belt, again to add colour/interest, either in belt loops or not.  Anyone do that with their jeans?


– as a bag.  Depending on the shape and size of the cloth, it can be made into a small or bigger bag.

– as a sling.  You never know when you may need one!

You may be able to think of other uses (like tying together for a skipping rope).  What ideas have you?

MEN generally wear scarves for warmth, but they also add colour near the face.  This is important (to put the right or best colours near one’s face) because we tend to look there when communicating with each other – the mouth and eyes in particular.  Make-up emphasises the eyes and mouth, so in the absence of this any colour that looks good on you nearest the face will have a big positive impact.  Men wear cravats (instead of ties) to individualise their outfit, finish their look, and feel more dressed in an open-neck shirt.  The material, and pattern if not plain, adds informality to the look.

This is why I believe everyone should have at least one scarf in their wardrobe.  If it belongs in your wardrobe it should be the best colour and style for you (and material, shape, size).  Call me if you want to know what is right for you, and how to maximise use of your accessories.

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