Do you attract or unwittingly repel people?

We all know we judge on appearance, however objective we try to be. I wonder if you realise you could be attracting people to you or alternatively, unwittingly repelling them!

Susan Boyle had the voice of an angel but didn’t initially have the visual to match. She’s a great example of how a few changes could make a big difference to get all the different aspects of a person “singing from the same song sheet” so to speak!



Could this be you? Are your visuals matching up to your desires? Do you know how you want to be perceived, and does your appearance support them?

I don’t meet “Susan Boyles”, but I do work with everyday people who like my impartial yet honest opinion. I like to think of myself as an artist, touching up someone else’s picture, and the changes I suggest most people will also like. It is difficult to see ourselves objectively, or how others see us, and I often have to persuade people how fantastic they look in certain garments (especially if quite outside their usual comfort zone of dressing), which is why I work with individuals, and enjoy moving forward at their pace.

Getting people to look their best is a journey that evolves, and the road keeps changing as we age. Perhaps unfair, but that’s life! That’s why I dislike one-off interventions. I like to hold my clients’ hands as they go on their journey, because a one-off intervention can only do so much, and is only applicable for so long. We don’t go to the dentist once in our lives (well that maybe for some I suppose but they wouldn’t get the most out of maintenance or prevention if that were the case!)

I only need a once or twice per year input – to check what’s happening in my clients’ lives and to check they’re keeping on track and looking their best, as fashion or their life changes. Of course, with each input I’m teaching them something, so they become better at self-sufficiency, and how speedily this happens varies per person.

I do see lots of people who have had input from someone like me, maybe once or twice in their lives before, but then for whatever reason they have lost touch with their consultant. The result is that they have lost momentum on getting the compliments they deserve, and they lose their way. I absolutely love helping them get back on track and for them to enjoy getting dressed again, which generally has a beneficial impact on their lives. Yes, I can help for a one-off like a wedding or other special event, but I’d also like to be your trusted advisor for the long-term.

So, if this is you, or someone you know, be kind to them and suggest one of my free 30-minute shopping trials in M&Co or Bradbeers in Romsey, Southampton. Let them experience shopping with me. Clients all report enjoying shopping with me and that I find items for them that they would not find for themselves. I love getting my clients the results they want whether that is privately in the background, or if they’re prepared to be more open about having had my help. I have some availability for new clients, so if you know anyone who would benefit from my help, please let them know about this special offer.