“Yesterday, I had an amazing one-to-one shopping trip with Fiona.  It’s not easy to buy clothes where I currently live, and time spent at home is always very busy with little time given to shopping for myself, let alone having time to find the right size, colour and shape to suit me!

Cue Fiona!  Fiona arrived early and already had a rail of clothes picked out just from our brief messages.  The colours she picked were vibrant, fitted perfectly, although Fiona’s keen eye meant rejecting a few more mainly based on colour (although right for me, not the best).  This is key.  In the past if I tried on something which looked nice and covered the bits we all want to hide, I would buy it despite the colour … and then pass it by in my wardrobe when looking for something to wear!

I selected 13 items to purchase from just two shops, including “going out” tops, day tops, a dress, jackets and little cover up cardigans – absolutely incredible!

Fiona was fun to shop with, easy to talk to and would get my own opinion before offering hers, which I found very useful and will focus me for future shopping trips.  It was wonderful to shop for clothes with someone new who doesn’t know your insecurities but just dresses you to look fabulous and to get a different perspective on style and colour.

I am a very happy customer and would highly recommend booking this experience.”

Fiona says: Don’t forget – if I can’t help you get a better result than you would yourself you can have your money back … (and no-one’s asked for that yet ;-))  This client had 13 fantastic items for a surprisingly low cost v their quality and value, and this is something most of my clients are surprised at (how I can hunt out the bargains for them, as well as present them with items they would not normally find or choose to try on).  The money you save by using my services could pay for your shopping excursion, and you will learn things along the way.  When are you going to try it for yourself?

Ring me on 07469 246722, or email Fiona and see what happens for you