In times of plenty we tend to be more wasteful, but I think with all the focus on plastic waste and what happens to it, we are becoming more aware of our resources and their uses and re-uses. I’m not a fan of “make do and mend” which was World War II’s message – when quite frankly they probably didn’t have any choice – but I am definitely a believer in “amend and re-love”. I certainly believe in recycling and doing my bit to be more resourceful, if not for the planet’s sake, but future generations of humans and animals.

It’s only recently come to my attention that I have in fact being doing this for years, and this comes out in my suggestions for clients about how they can keep something they love going a bit longer. Here are three examples of advice given to two clients, and one of my own.

Client 1: She had a handbag that she’d loved and used so much the handles had given way. She also showed me her jewellery and had a large necklace that had been given to her, but was in fact too big to be her best look. Because it was a present, she didn’t want to let go of it, yet she probably wasn’t going to wear it. I guess you can think by now what I suggested – that she use the necklace as handbag handles! She was a bit astonished by this idea, but thought it was possibly a good solution to both items.

Client 2: Having found an ideal cream dress whilst shopping with me, on its first outing it met with green pesto down the front! Following Fiona’s advice (as this client is an Autumn, and autumns are the luckiest for getting great results with dyes), it was dyed to a pale green colour. Voila!

My similar incident was with a new coral shift dress that I found in America. On it’s first outing, the bird, that my cat brought into the kitchen, pooped down my front as I was rescuing the ungrateful bird! I immediately took the dress to the dry cleaners (as the label said “dry clean only”). Having given it a couple of goes, it wasn’t acceptable for me to wear, so I thought I would ask a dressmaker to put a panel of lace over it, which was a perfect solution for me (as lace, tucks and frills are just my thing). What do you think from the photo? I was very pleased with the result and have enjoyed wearing it since.

So the moral of the tale is that you can rescue, revive and reuse clothes, if you just have the desire and imagination. If you’re stuck with a problem, I’d love to see what options I could suggest.

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