January is a month when we make new plans to rejuvenate our lives, make new resolutions to improve things and refresh our thoughts.  So why not do this with your wardrobe?

I recently saw a retired lady who felt like she wasn’t making the most of her appearance.

After a couple of hours reviewing her wardrobe, we found that she actually had everything she needed for her lifestyle and most of it was in her best colours and style.

I gave her ideas for wearing different combinations of items that she “would never have put together” (my favourite client remark), using her scarves more and in different ways, and she thought this was WONDERFUL.  She was definitely re-energised about her wardrobe and had a fresh perspective on her clothes.  She found so many things that she hadn’t worn in ages (but still fitted the bill) that it felt like she HAD a NEW WARDROBE!  She didn’t need to buy anything.  We even got out her belts, which she hadn’t considered wearing, and she kept one on for the rest of the day.  It was a fun and joyful experience for both of us.

I taught her to examine her clothes more objectively (also useful when acquiring new items) and how to make a decision about what to do with an item if she felt it no longer served her.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

If you want to start your own wardrobe review, this is what I suggest you do …

  1. Set aside 30-60 minutes (set an alarm?), grab a few black plastic bags and a pen, paper and sellotape.
  2. Open your wardrobe!  Take the first thing out of the wardrobe and examine it, CRITICALLY.  Ask yourself the following:
  • Does it need any repairs, maintenance or cleaning?  If so, can you do this or do you need to find someone who can help?  Is it worth investing in, if it needs repair, or has it served its purpose for you?
  • If it is ready to wear, decide how much you love it.  Do you want to be seen out in it?  Is it fashionable, or does it not matter what anyone else thinks about it – it’s just ‘SO YOU’?
  • Does it fit your current or future lifestyle (1-2 years)?

[Clothes can last for years if they are good quality and looked after, so it does not matter if you have worn or had it for years.  If it still looks good enough to wear, and is something that doesn’t look dated, it will be ok to wear it.]

c.  If the item passes all of the above, put it back in the wardrobe.  If not, decide what needs doing to or with it, and put it in a black bag with a label on it.

Once you’ve done this for 30 minutes with several items, you should have made some good progress.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

When my client and I had finished discussing her clothes in relation to what she needed, I asked her what she gained most from the experience.  She replied “it’s opened my eyes”.

If you’re struggling to get started, or want more inspiration, or to know what suits you, or what to do with your clothes (whether staying with you or moving them on), you can call me in for some impartial input.

Because I want people to fall in love with their clothes and enjoy wearing them and get compliments, I have a special January 2018 offer. If you are interested in refreshing and rejuvenating your appearance, please contact me to book in your wardrobe review.  I only charge for what you need.  Most people find a couple of hours at a time is sufficient.   The review must happen in January to take advantage of my very special offer, which is a “buy one get one free” up to two free hours.

Contact me on 07469 246722, or by email: fiona@yourcolourandstyle.com to arrange your appointment.