Purposeful Personal Shopping

New York Shopping Trip

I recently had four days “training” with MY personal shopper – in New York City.  We came to NYC to see what was trending on the other side of the Atlantic, find different things to the UK, get ideas about fabrics, styles and colours, and obviously take home a few bargains.

When shopping it is important to treat the activity as a project  – to maximise efficiency in terms of time and money.  In other words, to have a plan (budget and shopping list).

Best purchase

As happens often with my client shopping trips, one of my best purchases was discovered and offered to me by my personal shopper.  It was something I didn’t have in my wardrobe and turned out to be an absolute bargain price-wise (but you wouldn’t tell from looking at it).  That’s happy shopping!


One of the other things that happens when you shop with a personal shopper is the learning that takes place, even if you don’t purchase anything.  I was shown a red dress that I would normally have been wary of, although it is a red that suits me, and the style – although suitable – again wasn’t something I had seen or tried before.  The dress was lovely on, but unfortunately had some lace damage so didn’t come home with me … but the memory did.

We were blessed with lovely weather, and managed to get some sight-seeing in too, so all in all it was a brilliant thing to do and I am very grateful again for my personal shopper’s assistance to extend and better my wardrobe contents and have her great company.

If you want to experience personal shopping with me or another that I would recommend for you (because I know several who do this around the UK) please contact me.  If you’ve never tried this, you are definitely missing out!