Made me feel a million dollars…

Fiona came to my home, with her portable cases of ‘magic’! The fact that Fiona visits you in your home, I believe, is a positive as you are already relaxed, you don’t have to worry about affecting the end result with going outside until you need to go out and display the end results.

I had my make up and strip lashes done for my birthday, a girls night out. Having had previous consultations about what I do and don’t like, Fiona was able to create the perfect look for me. I very rarely wear makeup, so wanted it to look as natural as possible but with a hint of glam. The products that she uses felt light on my face and she worked well with my over rosy cheeks and redness on my chin and nose. The lashes used looked so natural. My girlfriend weren’t aware they were false until I pointed them out. Fiona chose a colour of lipstick that I can only describe as ‘I don’t think so’! But it was perfect and went so well with the coral/red jumpsuit I was wearing that night.

All in all, Fiona truly knows her ‘stuff’. I put my trust in Fiona and felt and looked amazing… Thank you Fiona. Gilly (Southampton)

Before and After

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