If you want to add a more permanent change to your body, you may be considering a piercing or tattoo.

I have two holes in each earlobe because I wanted to wear more than one pair of ear-rings at a time, but if I choose to only wear one, the other hole is not that noticeable.  However, if I were to have a tattoo, that is less easy to disguise or hide if you wish to not reveal it, obviously depending where it is!

Tattoos are great to disguise some part of your body that you (or maybe others) are not happy with.  They can successfully be used in the case of a lack of hair: such as on the scalp or eyebrows, and to cover bodyparts that have been altered through accident or illness, eg to cover a mastectomy or add the appearance of a nipple for example.

But why do people want tattoos otherwise?  Apart from it being a trend, I wonder if/when one tires or regrets having one.  I personally am glad I have not yet succumbed, because I enjoy change and having something that is permanent that I may stop liking (or if the trend changed) would not please me.  Plus, we seem to have tattoos when our skin is young and they do not look as good as the skin ages or stretches.  Piercings seem easier to change if your desire to have it/them changes.  We have all heard of horror stories where piercings or tattoos have “gone wrong”, where there has been a reaction, so there is a risk.

I am not against piercings or tattoos, and I know many people who are happy with theirs.  But, I would urge thought before getting a permanent tattoo:

+ think about how visible and noticeable it will be.

+ be aware that your circumstances may change – the person you gave your heart to may not be your soul-mate for ever, but you may be left with a permanent memory of them when you meet your new partner.

+ imagine what your tattoo will look like on your wedding day, in an interview or when you age.

If you do or have gone for it and now regret it, the good news is that make-up can cover tattoos as well as skin “blemishes”, which can be an alternative to having your tattoo altered or removed.

To most people body image is as important as the clothes we wear for self-confidence.  Remember that your “birthday suit” has to last all your life but luckily we can change our clothes!