Wedding Day makeovers
Be the most Beautiful BRIDE

Getting married is a big step and can be an expensive activity in terms of preparations and the big day itself.

Plus, you may want to have photographs or videos of the day as keep-sakes. Therefore, you – and everyone in the wedding party – will want to look and feel your very best on this occasion.

This is why you should have your colour and style consultations well before the wedding, so that you can start to make any changes and see the results before you shop for the wedding outfits.

How can I help?

Firstly, having your colour and personal style analysis consultations for an important occasion, like a wedding, gives you a reason to do this, but you have the information for the rest of your life, to enable you to make better choices for your look every day afterwards. So, although it may appear as if it is extra expenditure at a time that is already costly, I think you will agree it would be worthwhile. Also, remember two things about this with me:

  1. 1. I aim to save you the cost of my services. The sooner you undertake your colour and personal style consultations in your life, the more you could potentially save in terms of learning by your own mistakes.
  2. 2. I offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied that I have added the value of my service to you.

So my wedding service offering, in addition to knowing the best colours for the bride, bridesmaids, groom, best man/men, parents of the couple, and personal style advice to choose the outfits that most suit, also covers advice on the accessories: headdress, hats, shoes, flowers (including size, colour and combinations).

I can save lots of time and heartache about the choice of wedding dress by showing what type of dresses or features will be most suitable to create the best look. This can be included in talking about themes – including colours – for the wedding party, to enhance the visual of the happy couple. It takes about 10 minutes to get in and out of a wedding dress, so you do not want to be trying on lots that are unsuitable unnecessarily, and then being disappointed that you don’t look stunning in them. Again, I will save you time and hassle.

I am not the wedding planner, but my aim is to help you think more widely around the subject, since, for most people you will not be very experienced at organising this most important life event.

I can also offer make-up application, or tuition if anyone wants to apply their own for the big day.

My interest will be in the bride and groom having the most wonderful experience and believing afterwards that they could not have looked more fantastic.