Wardrobe Review
Get the right WARDROBE for you

In my experience, what is in your wardrobe is critical to your success in terms of looking and feeling your best. Therefore, this is where my efforts should be concentrated with you – what you currently have, and what you need to complete your outfits for what you do on a regular basis. This may change over time as your circumstances change.

The aim is to have a wardrobe that has the minimum number of items that you need in it – but it can contain much more if that is what you want – but you need to be equally happy to choose any of your items to wear, and they should mostly be able to be “mixed and matched” so that you can get the most out of each piece.

As part of the wardrobe review we discuss why you like certain features of garments, fabrics, patterns, how to incorporate different ideas to either make something more unique for you or perhaps to last a bit longer – especially if it is great for you and you love it (it may have been well worn!) We can discuss putting different items together. This is often the most eye-opening and useful aspect for my clients.

I will not be judging you because of where you may shop: my aim is to help you look and feel your best, within your budget. You will be surprised by what “two heads” can achieve when someone reviews your wardrobe and discusses why you have acquired something.

Also, bear in mind, I like hoarding as much as anyone, so I will forgive you for that. And I realise that your clothes can be sentimental and remind you of moments when you had emotions or happy memories. I will be sympathetic with you. I work with you to help you move towards your best look, but I know this is not a one-hit wonder: it is an on-going process – as you evolve so must your wardrobe.

Unless you are disciplined so that when you buy new you throw out old, you will end up with more. Perhaps it is time for a clear out?

The ideal is to fling open the wardrobe doors, be able to see everything you have (not have items squashed at the back or fallen to the bottom) and choose according to what you will be doing, your mood and the weather.

No dithering, no wearing only 20% over and over again because they are your favourites, you can just “grab and go” and spend more time doing the important things, yet you will feel happy with your choice and probably get compliments.

Getting dressed should be an enjoyable experience, not a dread!