Shopping Support

I like to review the wardrobe before we go shopping. This will make for a more successful and cost-effective shopping experience. That is why I have incorporated a wardrobe review into the colour analysis and personal style analysis activities. I want to see what you already have, what you like, where you may currently shop, if there are any common themes, and so on. It’s part of the process of me getting to know you, and will enable me to help you better.

Money can be a finite resource and clothes etc are not what I call cheap. I want you to get the best value for your money and items, look the best that you can, get compliments and keep coming back to me for more as I show you how you can constantly improve as your life evolves. I’m always learning and will be passing on my knowledge to you too.

To populate your wardrobe with items that are not only right for you but best for you takes time. You need to hunt down things and may find them in surprising places. Whether on-line or in the shops, the method should be the same – only buy what suits in terms of colour and style, but there are other considerations too like fashion and comfort, and why you will be buying that item – when you are likely to wear it and how often.

There’s nothing like seeing something on. The colour, fabric and style needs to be assessed on you. The same garment will look different on another person. Thankfully, we can “try before we buy”!

My shopping support is all about education really. I am bringing information to life for you.

So the outcome is a happy one – whether you like shopping or not.

Shopping support options:

a) Email support – we communicate about items you are seeking or have found and want my advice on.

b) You give me the challenge to find items for you and I will bring them to your home so you can try them on in the comfort of your home, getting undressed and redressed once instead of in and out of several shops getting hot, cold, wet etc. We also have your wardrobe to hand to try with other items you already own.

c) We go shopping together. When you pay me by the hour I will not waste your time. I will have prepared so we make the most of our time together.