Glasses Styling
Wear Great GLASSES

When you need to buy glasses they are a really important (and probably expensive) purchase. They may be used daily and frame your look as most people look at your face (mouth and eyes particularly) when they are communicating with you. They can greatly enhance the face or quite frankly be a disaster if they aren’t chosen well. That’s why I want to help my clients choose wisely.

We will discuss glasses during colour and personal style analysis consultations, and when you need to choose a new pair, please consult with me beforehand, as I can help you (within your budget) to have my assistance.

If you are about to buy glasses but have not had your colour or personal style consultations, please hold off buying them and see me first! I have seen too many people who have just invested in their spectacles only to discover that they could have chosen better. Then, they need to wait until their next sight change to renew. This can be a couple of years on average and they are stuck with their glasses, now knowing they could have chosen better.

I love to work with opticians who understand how I can add to their service and who want to give great customer service. When we put our expertise together, you, the client benefits.