I’d heard about ‘having your colours done’ before but never really knew what it entailed. With Fiona Mobbs, I discovered, it is so much more than just a diagnosis of, “You’re a Spring, here are your colours, off you go!”

I met Fiona from Your Colour and Style at a networking event and what made her memorable (apart from the poetry books I bought from her – that’s another story) was the fact that she was wearing a bright, colourful outfit that instantly made me feel cheerful. Thinking about how I could choose such a colour to wear without feeling too garish, I went to have a chat.

After exchanging details, we made contact again and arranged to meet to learn about each other’s businesses. In fact, we organised this centred on a shopping trip – fantastic! Despite the minimal time for this initial meeting, Fiona managed to find me numerous items of clothing that not only differed from my usual palette of muted tones of blue, but that were bright, suited me perfectly and were exactly what I was looking for. Following this success, I booked Fiona for a personal colour consultation and wardrobe review.

What struck me initially about Fiona’s service is that she started by finding out
my reasons for wanting a consultation (that I had recently started my own business and wanted to create a more memorable yet professional appearance) and that the whole day was tailored so that I would be well equipped to take what I’d learned and use it in the future.

Interestingly, I did find out I was a ‘Spring’ (rather than the Summer we initially thought on the shopping trip – highlighting the need for a thorough analysis), but it was the process that impressed me. Fiona made sure that I saw the difference with the subtle changes in tones and shades between the colour palettes, taking the time to explain and demonstrate the effect on my complexion. Interestingly, the colours in my range are not the normal shades I’d be drawn to, but I could see the difference they made. There was a definite pop when they were positioned near my face.

After receiving my choice of ‘Spring’ colour wallet, the next step was my wardrobe review. I was now rather worried that I’d be making a rather large donation to a charity shop and having to go and purchase a whole new wardrobe, thinking that most of my clothes weren’t the right colours for me. Luckily, this wasn’t the case at all. Fiona was very positive about what I had, taking the time to look at each item and find ways I could use it, whether that would be to accessorise with something in a complimentary colour to brighten the outfit, or mix and match my existing clothes to create something better than I’d have thought to do myself.

Throughout my personal colour consultation, I received a truly personalised service. Because Fiona’s visit was to my home, we could really make use of assessing my current wardrobe together and react to the different aspects about my colour and style that came through during the day. As well as this, Fiona was focused on getting to know me and my requirements, and not attempting to sell me clothes or make up as part of the process. In fact, the support didn’t stop when Fiona left at the end of the day. I was encouraged to contact her at any time afterwards, for example when I’d found an item of clothing when shopping, but maybe wasn’t sure whether it was quite right for me. Fiona is passionate about making sure her customers obtain the skills to be able to style themselves effectively.

Fiona’s ethos for her business really resonates with me as it is the same as the service I aim to provide at Pink Spaghetti; going the extra mile to ensure the best possible customer service and effective outcomes for my clients. I would highly recommend Fiona to not only learn about your particular colour and style, but to enable you to become confident with your own styling for life.