Whether you decide to use brushes to apply your make-up or not has pro’s and con’s.  Here is my view about the considerations.


It may seem quicker initially to apply your make-up with your fingers, but you then need to wash your hands, and generally you may use up your products more quickly.

Once you get used to using brushes, the make-up application process can be just as quick as using your fingers.

Of course it may take time to clean your brushes, but you do not necessarily have to clean them after every use, if you are not sharing them with anyone else.  (I recommend not sharing make-up products or brushes if at all possible because of facial/skin conditions like cold sores, styes, ringworm or scabies which are contageous.)  If your product is liquid you may wish to clean your brushes more often than using brushes for powder.  In fact, if your budget can run to a brush for each colour and type of make-up, and you can remember which one you use for each product, it pays to not wash them so frequently (your product will go further, the brushes will last longer, and you save time cleaning).  However, you will need to ensure they are stored in a clean and dry environment in which germs do not breed.


Using your fingers to apply your make-up leaves greater exposure to transferring germs to your face from your hands, especially if you are prone to warts, for example.


The initial outlay for brushes may seem an expense, but if you choose wisely and look after them, they will last a very long time.


Personally, I prefer using a brush, especially to apply foundation, as I think it gives a better coverage and finish.


It’s up to you which you do, but if you are not familiar with brushes and would like to try applying make-up with some to see/feel the difference, please get in touch.  My next blog will focus on the considerations to choose your brushes and which ones to use for what, hoping that will answer some other questions you may have.  If you would like any other questions answered about make-up and brushes, please contact me.