My true story…

I was recently shopping for someone else when I spotted a perfect skirt for me: my colour and style. Luckily, what I do saves TIME, MONEY and HASSLE and this was just the case….

Not having much time (as I wasn’t meant to be shopping for me!), I whipped the skirt into the changing room – picked up only one and it was the right size (lucky guess?) (clock SAVING). My buying decision consisted of, in this order:

  • colour ( ),
  • style ( ),
  • comfort ( √√),
  • fit ( ),
  • suitability for me: length, pattern, material (),
  • feel of the item (and how it made me feel) (√√√),
  • whether this is a fashion item or long-term classic (in other words its “shelf life”)
  • then finally I looked at the price tag (wow – it was half the original price £SAVING – now an absolute bargain, although to some £40 may have still seemed a lot)

This skirt, I should explain, was merino wool. OK, it would have to be dry cleaned but on checking the instructions it can also be hand-washed. I’ve had experience of quality wool before, which meant it wouldn’t need that much cleaning and this proved the case (£SAVING and HASSLE SAVING). To date I must have worn it at least a dozen times already and haven’t needed to clean it. It was also a dark colour, so would sustain any ad hoc accidents.

This whole buying process was under 5 minutes. Now, that’s not because I’m rash – no, it’s because I know what I’m looking for and what suits me.  (clock SAVING)

When I got it home I realised the brilliance of this item and how it already connected with so much in my wardrobe, which of course I was expecting! It is a “classic” item, in that it will last through many seasons (probably years in fact). And, the thickness of the material means that I can wear it on most days in this country.

My only concern with this skirt was the fact that I have a cat with claws! Because I knew I was going to love this item so much, and it was a bargain, I’ve taken the precaution of getting a second skirt before they became unavailable.value for money

Confirmation that the purchase was in fact perfect: I have worn it several times already (getting my  VALUE FOR MONEY) and each time have had compliments, and of course felt great in it.

Now, yesterday I was out for the day (beauticians, lunch, theatre, then on to a client for a make-up makeover), so I needed to wear something that was comfortable but would “look the part”. Guess what – yes the skirt was my choice again. Now, it proved a lucky choice too, as my morning activity saw tea spilled on it. It literally landed in globules and was easily brushed off, rather than soaking in and staining. Phew – I didn’t need to go home and change (clock SAVING, HASSLE SAVING), and the client never knew I looked “less than perfect”! And, it seems it still doesn’t need dry cleaning (£SAVING).

I love my new skirt, and it loves me back!

If you want to love your clothes, have less and wear them more, and understand how and why (or just save time, money and hassle), call in an expert.