If you have lost or gained weight lately, have you considered getting new underwear?  Remember, this needs to be renewed, just as much as your outerwear!

If you are in need of a new bra, I have an expert bra fitter operating from my studio in West Wellow (SO51) on Saturday 9th July 2016.  It’s not too late to book an appointment.  Sara O’Regan, of Bra Sense (http://www.brasense.co.uk/), will enhance your shape (and maybe take inches off your waist) with her knowledge and skill.  Sara brings a variety of bras to use for clients and often they can be supplied at the appointment.  Several of my clients have already been delighted with Sara’s service.

I am offering FREE 30 minute “bra size check” appointments on 9th July.  If you have not met Sara before, prepare to be amazed.   Contact me urgently to see if your chosen appointment is available. 07469 246722, Fiona