The perfect lipstick on your wedding day is one that ….
Suits your skin tone
Complements what you’re wearing
Makes you feel good
Doesn’t change colour
Doesn’t run or bleed
Moisturises your lips
Gives you a sun protection factor
Does not dry your lips
Is applied to make your lips appear a great shape and size.

Not much to consider then!

So how do you know if it suits you?  Well, “colour analysis” will confirm this.

So if you’re wearing pink, or have pink flowers or bridesmaids, you don’t want a clashing red lipstick.

I know some people who don’t like the feel of lipstick or lipgloss.  So you need to either get used it or find one that you can wear.  They do vary in feel (texture and stickiness).

If it doesn’t last on you try another.  I have found one that seems to last longer than others on me, even after eating and drinking, but it does feel “stickier” than others.  I’m prepared to put up with/get used to this for the lasting effect.  Otherwise, you need to keep an eye on how your lipstick is doing and re-apply as necessary.

There are of course things you can do to make your wedding day make-up last, like applying powder to your lips before applying your lipstick, applying several coats, blotting with tissue in between, and putting a “sealer” over the top, such as Lipcote.

I have had some lipsticks change their colour once applied.  It is probably because of the acid/alkaline balance of my lips, but it’s not a good look, so these need to be ditched.  Definitely worth trying your chosen lipstick or gloss before the “big day”!

Finally, some lipsticks seem to wander off the lips to the surrounding skin.  There are things you can do to prevent this, by using a priming product, such as Guerlain Kiss Kiss Liplift, which I find moistuirises your skin too, but there are some lipsticks that are better than others at staying put.  Ditch any that don’t!