Learn how to tie your scarf in a new way!

Now that the weather has turned, we are thinking about wearing scarves for warmth to keep our necks and chests covered.  Scarves also add colour, interest and uniqueness to an outfit: useful at this time of year when everything appears more dull.  Wearing a scarf in an interesting knot increases your visual appeal, and you may find you receive compliments.

If you fancy a night of fun with a small group of like-minded ladies, try coming to mine near Romsey for two hours to learn how you can use your scarf differently, immediately.

I offer this at minimal cost so you can enjoy an evening making new friends, laughing and learning.  If you fancy seeing how you can benefit from this, book a ticket and come along.  If you want to ask any questions or speak to me in advance please ring 07469 246722 – Fiona.  Whether you have or haven’t been “colour analysed”, this is something you can do.

Learn to tie your scarf in a new way.  What about giving this as a present for someone?