To celebrate being an independent personal stylist for two years, I’m conducting an experiment during August 2015 to see if those who say they would like my “Your Colour & Style” services (ie colour analysis, style analysis, wardrobe review and independent personal shopping), but have cited cost as preventing them, is the real reason they have not booked.  (Only women have voiced this to me, but men may have been thinking this.)

The benefits far outweigh the costs

I suspect, if this is the only reason, that what they are actually telling me is that they are prioritising themselves behind others (a typical female trait).  They would feel guilty spending on themselves when they have needy children or grandchildren.  I, and my clients, would urge them to invest in themselves because we have seen the benefits, which far outweigh the costs, and in fact will give cost-savings beyond the expense.  However, I know you do not appreciate this until you take the plunge.  Unfortunately I hear people – who have not yet experienced it – tell me “it is a luxury”!

So, apart from my usual money-back guarantee to take the risk out of trying it with me, I am now offering 50% off the cost* – for one 31 day month only: August 2015.  The offer is that you book, have and pay for the service(s) during this month.  This offer is to make it so tempting that anyone who genuinely cited cost as the limiting factor would be able to put themselves first.  But, this introduces another problem: you need to act now!  Time, also another issue sometimes cited, can get in the way if people are juggling school holidays, holidays and work during August!  I believe, however, that if my services are desired enough a way will be found to overcome this.  (I am able to accommodate requests on weekends and Bank Holidays, subject to my diary.)

My clients tell me I’m not charging enough at my current normal prices.  Those that know me understand my passion and purpose and that I do not do this for the money.  I want to help people look their best, be happy, successful and confident in their lives, and I know that being able to dress quickly in clothes that suit your skin colouring and body shape – for whatever you are doing in your life – gives confidence and compliments and saves time dithering about what to wear, what to buy, what to pack for your holiday or business trip and many other benefits.

So, do you want to take part in my experiment?  Is cost really holding you back, or is there another reason you are not admitting to me?

If you want to talk about your situation and how I can help you, I’m happy to chat on the phone or have a coffee (if you live in Hampshire/Isle of Wight).  I know some of my clients who would happily talk to you about their experience too.  There are some testimonials and video blogs on my website, and you can view my packages there too.  I will be offering 50% off the packages on my website – offering further savings – only during August 2015 though.

Is it time you took the plunge?

Contact me now on 023 8000 1017023 8000 1017 or 07469 24672207469 246722 if you do not want to miss this amazing “experimental” offer!

*Terms & Conditions apply