A good Image Consultant should advise on appropriate headwear, wigs and hair

These days, apart from essential headwear worn because of rules (eg religion, protocol or safety), you will draw attention to yourself if you wear something on your head. Even hair adornments like scarves, hairslides, ribbons, bows and clips will add or detract from your image. Since most communication uses your head (mouth and eyes in particular), drawing attention to your head so that it adds to your image, rather than causes a distraction, is important.

A compelling reason to get it right!

So, what makes your headwear appropriate for you will depend on lots of things: your situation (are you “blending in” “covering up” or “standing out”?), your colouring, the weather, your activities, maybe your age, fashion, religion, protocol, your job, how much choice you have, and how much you want to stand out! Your essential head covering categories to consider are:

  • The season/weather
  • Why you are wearing something
  • Fit
  • Material
  • Practicality (including your hairstyle underneath the headwear)
  • Protocol (for example during Royal Ascot, “fascinators” are not allowed and your hat needs to have a base of 4 inches/10 cm to comply with the current rules.)
  • Suitability (for you and what you are wearing it with – both colour, style and size of hat)
  • Cost.

Since hats are not common attire these days, you may consider hiring one, if it is for a one-off occasion like a wedding or a garden party (to go with a particular outfit, which you may wear again under different circumstances not requiring a hat).

Or, if you want to look unique, consider having one made. There are quite a few milliners in Hampshire that can create your bespoke item (size, colour, materials).

The more you may spend on a hat, or the more often you intend to wear it, the more you will benefit from a personal consultation with an image consultant. If you would like to discuss your specific requirements, please contact me.