Did you know there are many sizes, shapes and types of hanger available, and you may want to make a different choice about them once you’ve read this article.

What’s the big deal?
Why would you want to spend money on hangers when you can get wire or plastic ones for free (well, included in the dry cleaning price or with your purchase)?

I have invested quite a sum over the years on my hangers – because I’ve invested in my clothes.  I didn’t want my clothes to fall off their hangers and land on the bottom of the wardrobe, where quite frankly it may be dusty (clothes generate dust), never mind crease my precious clothes, and not to mention the fact that my clothes aren’t so visible at the bottom or back of the wardrobe!  Another reason is that I noticed some hangers make “indents” in my clothes’ shoulders because they are not the same shape as my clothes (nor my body).

I noticed, when buying hangers, that they come in different shapes, like our bodies.

Consideration #1: know your body shape when choosing your hangers.

Choice is good – especially when it comes to trousers or skirts.  If skirts or trousers have elasticated waists, these may not sit as well on an expandable skirt/trouser hanger.  So, some with grip clips are better for these items.  Beware laying trousers over a hanger if they are going to sit in your wardrobe like that for a long time – they may end up with a “line mark”.

You can obtain hangers from lots of sources: supermarkets, Ebay, Amazon, The Hanger Store or Caraselle Direct on-line and department stores.

Types of hanger

Wooden hangers need to be good quality to avoid splinters scratching or damaging your clothes.

Consideration #2: will they be suitable for your clothes?

Plain wire hangers seem to lose their item more than most I have found, but you can get wire hangers with a covering to make them non-slip.

Plastic hangers are slightly better if they have ridges to keep the item on the hanger, but it will depend on the clothing material.

Consideration #3: are your hangers up to the job?

Some hangers are too flimsy for the item.  I have experienced hangers snapping – this can be hazardous for your clothes and maybe for you!

My favourite are “rubber” hangers.  These come in various shapes and sizes and will keep your clothes on the hangers.  Unfortunately, they are more expensive.  A cheaper but equally good alternative are non-slip flocked velvet hangers which also come with a bar for trousers.

Padded hangers look nice but beware the room they take up on the rail!

Speciality hangers (for belts or ties) or hangers that connect and hang from each other (space saving) may also be useful, depending on your wardrobe contents and space.

However, some stores where you buy your clothes offer you the hangers, and if they have a strip that runs down the hanger that acts the same as a rubber hanger and grips the item, it’s wise to accept.

Consideration #4: how tall your space is to hang the item, including the hanger on the rail.

Some hangers take up more depth/height from your space than others.

What if your clothes are smaller or larger than the hanger – do you still have the same choices?

It appears that there are equally the choices for smaller and larger sizes of hanger.

If you would like personal assistance with your wardrobe or hangers, please contact me as I would love to help.