Your footwear can be appropriate or inappropriate and strengthen your look or sabotage it. What makes it appropriate for you will depend on lots of things: where you live, the weather, your lifestyle, your age, fashion and your feet. Your essential footwear categories to consider are:

  • Summer footwear;
  • Winter footwear;
  • Activity footwear.

Within these categories are other sub-categories, such as

  • Work
  • Comfort

Special considerations (eg size, width, arches, practicality, protocol)

  • Affordability

If you like buying shoes, you will possibly have several that would fit into each category.

However, if you like minimal, you may only have three or four pairs that cover all your needs.

Whatever you like, you still cannot afford to have any footwear that is not right for you, because if you wear inappropriate footwear it will damage your image and give the wrong impression about you. And, if you do not wear them they are a waste, and taking up space. Can you afford to have footwear that does not work with and for you?

Each pair of sandals, shoes or boots needs to be considered for you in terms of

  • How long you need them to last, which may help you decide on the durability of the material used for the sole and top;
  • How fashionable and/or functional they need to be for you;
  • How many times you are likely to use them;
  • Whether you need spare pairs to allow you to let some “rest”;
  • How much upkeep they will take – cleaning, repair.

If you buy footwear to go with a particular outfit, do you get the wear out of them to warrant what you paid?

Do you remember all the footwear that you have?

Our shoe-buying habits and the colours and styles of shoes say a lot about us. Do your shoes give the right message to others? Do you know what message you are giving?

I used to wear a pair of shoes that I considered “comfortable” for my work, but I didn’t realise they made me look frumpy, which isn’t an impression I want to give!

If you would like to discuss your requirements with a Personal Stylist, to ensure that you choose appropriate footwear, please contact me.