Colour analysis is a process whereby you discover the shades of colours that work with your natural skin, hair and eye tones to create balance and harmony, making you look your healthiest and giving you a distinct glow. You will generally look radiant and stand out in any crowd if you are wearing your best shades of colours.

In my world of colour analysis, where I give people the seasonal colour palette to use for future reference, only “Winters” would look good in black and white. However, officially, black and white aren’t colours.

So, if you turn out not to be a winter (which is most of my clients), why would I not say “ditch everything black” from your wardrobe?

Well, firstly, there’s always the sad occasion when you may be required to attend a funeral, and although you now know it’s not your best look, it may be the right thing to turn up in black.

Secondly, if you have a “LBD” (little black dress), there may be an instruction to wear black, and you wouldn’t want to fall foul of a dress code if that was the instruction.

Then, there’s the fact that you can in fact do a lot around a black base, for example by adding a scarf, jewellery or make-up, that will enable you to continue to wear the item and not look as bad as if you didn’t know the tricks of the trade.

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