Now that the summer holidays are becoming a memory, we’re looking forward to the next holiday which will be Christmas, and, this brings the difficult task of finding suitable presents for our loved ones.

I have seen, when reviewing clients’ wardrobes, clothes and accessories that have been bought as presents which weren’t actually that suitable.  When they are a gift it is hard to return them or let them go, but of course they are not used.  So, if you want to ensure you buy a better gift for your loved one (birthday or Christmas), that they will treasure and use, you can ask for my help!

Also, of course, if they do not already know what suits them, you could buy a gift voucher from me.  Where I give a money-back guarantee, if it is not taken in the spirit with which it is intended (you are not saying “you don’t know how to dress” – I like to think you would be “helping them discover their best look”!) I will happily refund, as I know someone needs to want my services or see how it can help them or they will not embrace any changes suggested.  However, if someone has been saying “I don’t know what to wear” or “my wardrobe needs an overhaul now …” or “I never know what to buy”, then you have the cue to think about them being ready for my input.

If you are already a client of mine, or know someone who is, then I can readily suggest something that will be suitable, or you can ask them to lodge their “wish list” with me for you to get in touch to discuss options.  I would be delighted to do this at no charge.  Would that help ease your Christmas or birthday dilemmas?