Choosing clothes to suit you depends on your unique make-up.  We are all different.  We all have our own unique DNA, which shapes our height, body shape, weight, skin colouring, hair and eye colouring and so on.  Imagine every person over time is uniquely created, and as if the DNA coding isn’t enough to make us different, we all then have our own experiences in life which shapes our character or personality to make us different.  Funny when someone says: “you have a double, twin, or are the spitting image of …”.  Yet there will be a difference no matter how small. Given that, it’s no wonder to me why an item of clothing will look very different on two different people. Yet, we see something on a model or someone in the public eye, and want it for ourselves, only to be disappointed to discover it doesn’t look as good on us!  Life’s not fair! So the answer is to work out what will suit us in terms of our unique colouring and body shape (taking into account our personality) and just get on with our own style.  And, select items out of the current trends that suit us, rather than being a slave to fashion for fashion’s sake.  This is why it is important to try clothes on before deciding they suit you.  The more expensive an item, the more the decision becomes important to get right. Think for a moment about your last purchase.  How long ago was it, what was it, and how long did you take to make the decision?  How many times have you worn the item so far, and do you consider you have had value for money?  For this, think about the number of times you have worn the item divided by the price paid.  If not, are you going to repeat the process next time or do you need to think about doing something different? What you can do differently is decide what will suit you, by having some analysis (of the colours that suit your unique hair, skin and eye colouring and styles that suit your body and personality).  Then you can seek out only the colours and types of clothes that work for you, or, to be even more unique, have them customised or made to your specifications.  That way you will be more likely to look right (or your best) in what you wear. If you would like to know what suits you, and have help getting your purchases right, please contact me for a no-obligation chat.  It may be that you have started your discovery process but need help to continue your journey to full radiance.  I would love to help you keep going, because there is always more to learn (even if to answer the question about what out of the latest fashion suits you).