Last Thursday night (25th April) was the culmination of many hours work, delivering two fashion shows at The Best Western Chilworth Manor hotel, for a “No Limits” charity event called Pimms, Pamper & Prepare [for summer].

I had asked ten people, mostly loyal clients and/or friends to model for me, some of whom had not done that before, and some of whom were models last year at the same event and who obviously enjoyed it enough to return!

We were all giving our time for free to help make this event a success for the charity, and of course we were having fun, just like the guests.

But what else did we get out of this experience?

Well, I wanted to show each model some clothes that I thought suited them with their colouring, body shape and clothing personality in mind, to showcase them in the best light. Their outfit choices were things they had not considered, and duly seemed to like or love. Each model had two different outfits chosen for them.

I was also trying to promote the other great businesses there where possible: a milliner (LMJL Millinery), jewellery from InZ.pired of Romsey & Alresford and Cathy Mosley of Park Lane’s jewellery, bags and scarves etc from Guluzar, and Bridal/Bridesmaid/Prom (by Olivia-George). Plus, Chrissie Cridland (the mobile hair stylist) and her team worked hard to style all the models’ hair beautifully. No wonder they all looked terrific.

Plus, for the audience (and models) I was showcasing some of the 2019 summer fashion trends and how they translated into the outlets where we (the public) buy clothes.

It seemed to all come together nicely and it sounds like the fashion show went down well. We certainly all had a fab time behind the scenes.

I was also offering to sell the clothes at the discounted prices that I had obtained, and the audience were shocked at one green skirt from Dorothy Perkins – obtained through Debenhams – which was priced at £10.80 (from £20.80). Yes, that’s one of the benefits of letting an independent personal shopper help you find new items – they could be cheaper than you might find them, and you may not have even discovered them. So often I hear “well, I never would have picked that, but it’s great”. That is why I love this job – surprising and delighting my clients, which also keeps me on my toes.

Other work

I have also been delighted the next day to revisit a long-standing client. She wanted to find something to wear as a wedding guest – and I imagined we were going to look for shoes at least. But no, she said, “let’s see if I already have something in my wardrobe that could be suitable”. I was very delighted at that from the clothing resourcefulness point of view, and of course if this was going to be a cheaper solution why would that not be good too? But the true delight for me is her recognition that she does have the ultimate wardrobe now after approximately five years of my little interventions: everything she needs for her lifestyle and sufficient choice to look terrific even if people have already seen her in her favourite pieces. That’s my goal for my clients. She knew everything she had, was wearing pieces together in different ways that she had previously not considered, to create different looks, and it was all stored perfectly. JOY! So, it didn’t take us long to work out her option for hot weather and a stand-by in case not so hot. All we required was a couple of minor alterations to a couple of items and BINGO – complete “new” outfits all sorted without venturing near a shop or the Internet.

We’re waiting to see how much No Limits has benefitted from the event, but I hope it was a great success financially for them so we can do it all again next year!

If you are interested to try my services and see if you can get a better result without it necessarily costing you a lot financially, please get in touch.