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What is Success?

I’ve had a lovely week, and there are successes within successes. To explain, several years ago I spoke to a colleague who was self-employed and she said “I’ve worked this morning and now I’m spending time in the sunshine in my garden”.  I was employed at the time (averaging 50 […]

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Mini Workshops for February and March 2019

Fiona is running mini workshops in 2019 to help people understand how they can maximise their look, without maximising their credit card. The first two Workshops are available through Eventbrite: “DRESS YOUR BEST” Learn clever styling tricks to style your body shape with ease and look your best. This Workshop […]

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The Laws of Attraction!

Do you attract or unwittingly repel people? We all know we judge on appearance, however objective we try to be. I wonder if you realise you could be attracting people to you or alternatively, unwittingly repelling them! Susan Boyle had the voice of an angel but didn’t initially have the […]

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