The answer to my blog of early August: “Is cost the real reason?” is NO!

The people who had cited that they would like to have my services, but cost was preventing them, disappointingly did not take up my incredible offer (hopefully they did see it) so are either not ready to take the plunge, or are still prioritising themselves behind other things or people, or they were too polite to tell me they would prefer another consultant!

Interestingly, I did have a busier than normal month with three new clients and three current clients having my services: all of which had already booked, or were keen to book, even without knowing about my 50% sale offer – so it was a lucky bonus for them.  Unfortunately for potential clients, it has proved that I never need to repeat such an offer, because price obviously wasn’t the reason.

In fact, one of my new clients remarked – having seen another of my clients posting on Facebook and looking terrific – “I think I have been missing out” (as she had taken three years to make the decision to ask for my help).

This exercise gave me the proof

So, thank you for proving what lots of people have told me: “people buy people”, and if they believe and trust in you then it almost doesn’t matter what you charge.  However, I believe in giving value for money, and only want happy or delighted clients.  I like to think my prices are fair.  Plus I offer a money-back guarantee (which no-one has asked to invoke yet), so I don’t think I can do any more to convince you about the value of what I can contribute and how it may be worth giving it (or me) a go.

If you are interested in finding out what I can do for you, please get in touch. I’m happy to meet for a coffee or talk through Skype. Let me help you find your answers to the difficult question of “What really suits me?”

And, if you do want to get in on the August 50% sale bonanza, I do have Bank Holiday Monday free – but you will have to be quick!!