YC&S-logo-(RGB) (2)1. Consult with a reputable/credible personal stylist that you get on with and trust.

You need to like and trust your personal stylist, as their service could be quite personal and require confidentiality.

2. Listen to their advice and work with them to make adaptations to the personal style of your wardrobe. (No change, no gain!)

A good stylist should help you move forward at your pace.

3. Consult your stylist for major life events (wedding, christening, divorce, change of job, etc).

An ideal time to consult your stylist is when you have a big event to shop for, or want to regain your confidence for some reason.

4. Keep in touch with your stylist (at least once per year).

If you lose touch with your stylist you may wander off track, not know how to keep your look current, and may not get the best return on investment when spending your money on clothes, accessories and hair or nail appointments.

5. Consult your stylist when choosing new eyewear, as this is usually an expensive and lasting item, worn in a prominent place!

Glasses are important to your look. Your stylist’s help should be invaluable to choose some that are right in terms of colour and style for you (eg the best shape for your face), not just practicality.

6. Populate your wardrobe with a range of colourful clothes and accessories (that suit your skin tone, hair and eye colour), that will work together. Ask your stylist if they provide a shopping service.

The aim is to have a sufficiently-stocked wardrobe for your lifestyle that you can just pick from and wear anything (which mix and match). The more colours, styles and materials you have will give you greater choice and different looks.

7. If you dye your hair, keep it either as close to its natural colour, or to a shade in keeping with the natural colour.

Hair or headwear is important to your look and should be in harmony with your skin tone. Your hair colour and style can make a big difference. Consult your personal stylist for that too.

8. If it is acceptable or necessary to wear make-up, seek and follow advice from your stylist.

Make up can be very useful to disguise or give illusion, in the same way clothes can. How much make-up you use and where/how you apply it should be appropriate to you and your lifestyle. A good stylist should be able to help you with this too.

9. Let your stylist know if you move, change telephone number or email address!

Do keep in touch with your stylist – it should be worth it! There is always more to learn as fashion and your life changes.

10. If you receive compliments (which you should) why not recommend your stylist so your friends and family can also benefit? If, after making suggested changes from the consultation you do not receive compliments, go back to your personal stylist!

An effective personal stylist should save you time, money and hassle. You should get compliments (if you follow their advice). If you do not, go back! If you are not happy with the advice or service, query it with your stylist. If you are not happy after that, you should find a different one.